10 Ways to Have a Terrible Experience Creating Art

10 Ways to Have a Terrible Experience Creating Art

Hello, fellow creators of chaos and agents of artistic agony! Today, we present you with a foolproof guide to “10 Ways to Have an Absolutely Terrible Experience Creating Art.”

Demand Perfection

Remember, perfection is the enemy of good, and also the perfect accomplice for a terrible experience. So, strive for it relentlessly. Anything less is unworthy.

Never Plan or Prepare

Dive headfirst into your projects without a shred of preparation or thought. Who needs a roadmap, right? It's all about the thrill of the inevitable crash and burn!

Always Compare Your Work

With everyone and anyone. Especially the masters. Nothing crushes the joy of creation like comparing your draft work to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa or Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

Ignore All Feedback

Especially the constructive ones. They might help you improve, and we can't risk that. If possible, take it personally and let it ruin your day.

Fear Failure

In fact, make it your worst enemy. The mere possibility of failure should stop you from even trying. Remember, art isn't about expression, it's about flawless execution!

Overwork Yourself

Creativity flows best when you're exhausted, right? Wrong! But who cares? Forget rest and self-care; they're for those peace-loving artists.

Art for Approval

Create art solely for the purpose of getting validation from others. Your own enjoyment or expression has no place here.

Shun Inspiration

That book that moves you, the music that stirs your soul, the beauty of nature – ignore them all. Inspiration could lead to joy, and that's not the aim here!

Tie Your Self-Worth to Your Art

If your art isn’t good, then you aren't good. It’s as simple as that. Let every perceived failure chip away at your self-esteem.

Rush the Process

Speed is key here. Remember, the goal isn't to grow or enjoy the process, but to finish as quickly as possible.

And there you go! A guaranteed path to a truly horrendous artistic experience. Following these tips will ensure that your creative journey is as bleak as a starless night!