It's Time To Meet Yourself In The Middle

Creativity extends beyond domains and thrives in the balance of rational thinking and emotional feeling. Cultivating both aspects unlocks full creative potential.

It's Time To Meet Yourself In The Middle
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Many people see creativity as an elusive, coveted quality that exists in many of the world's most fabulous people, but not them. I think one of the biggest reasons for this is our society's insistence on labelling ourselves and others as right brain/left brain, artistic/analytical, emotional/logical etc. When people grow up being told by the people and circumstances around them that they ARE a certain way, it's natural that they develop a "strong arm".

In the 1960s, some in the scientific community began to believe that people were fixed in their ways, doomed to be either left- or right-brained for the rest of their lives. This has since been shown to be an inaccurate myth time and time again, yet the cultural residue lingers.

We continue to posit that creative and analytical thinking are polar opposites. This manifests notably in our modern society in the division between the “arts” and the “sciences”. Children are often guided in one direction early on in life, either towards the more artistic and creative or the more intellectual and academic. As such, most people grow up missing out on the development of crucial parts of their brain.

Over and over throughout history, we have taken two parts of the human experience and pitted them against one another. All conflict arises from duality.

It's time to realise that you can always grow towards the centre. Any part of you that is out of balance can be balanced by becoming aware of your life.

What do you think about on average?

What kind of feelings make up the context of your life?

What actions do you perform on autopilot?

When we focus inwards, we realise that we are capable of making choices and responding to life in ways that we wouldn't have dreamed we were capable of doing. Creativity is more than putting paint on a canvas or recording a sonata.

Creativity is the essence of life. It is the energy that allows you to have whatever experience you wish to have in your time on earth. When you are fully present in the driver's seat of your life, you become the creator of more than just material objects. You become the creator of moments, solutions, experiences, unity, change.

In the upcoming weeks, we will explore the subject of duality in the human mind here at We will not only look at the two aspects – rational thinking and the emotional side – individually, but we will also uncover the fascinating interplay between them and how they influence us as creatives.

Why is understanding this duality so important? Because when it comes to creativity, we need both aspects to flourish. Rational thinking helps structure ideas, making them clear and comprehensible. On the other hand, emotional feeling breathes life into those ideas, adding depth, complexity, and human relevance. This balance between the head and the heart is essential for anyone who wants to become a holistic creative – someone who can both dream up and bring their creative ideas to life.

A holistic creative individual can tap into both these aspects when required, flexing between the head and the heart to generate and actualise their ideas.

We will delve deeper into how to cultivate and nurture this balance. Whether you identify more as a logical thinker or an emotional feeler, we are going to provide techniques and guidance to help you strengthen the other side. You will learn to appreciate the beauty of duality and the power it holds in nurturing your creativity.

In this process, it's essential to realise that focusing on one side doesn't mean neglecting the other. It's about learning to leverage each side effectively, depending on the situation.

It's time to shake off the cultural residue of the past and redefine what it means to be a creative individual in today's world. This journey is for everyone – after all, creativity is not the sole domain of artists and musicians. It is the essence of life itself, the driving force that allows us to create moments, solutions, experiences, unity, and change. Let's get started on this exciting journey of discovery and self-development together.

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