"Music" is NOT the Music Industry

"Music" is NOT the Music Industry

Hello, my fellow artists and creators. Today, we're going to delve into a topic that's critical, yet often neglected: the crucial difference between the energy of music and the business of it.

Music has been with us for millennia – the first bone flutes were played more than 40,000 years ago – far, far older than the concept of a music 'industry'. It is a language beyond words, a tool for fostering unity, a vehicle for healing, a way to commune with the divine, and a method to immortalize stories that might otherwise have been forgotten.

Now, consider the music industry, a much younger invention that seeks to monetize and control this free-flowing energy of music. The industry, in its essence, is about making a profit from this universal and abundant energy of 'music'. It's a model, structured and hierarchical, predicated on attention, product, and market forces. But it's crucial to remember: the business of music didn't give birth to the music; it's the other way around.

So, where does this leave us, the creators? We must understand this dichotomy to navigate the landscape as healthier, happier artists. The music industry, while offering potential platforms and resources, can also warp our perception of what music should be. Charts, trends, contracts – these can become a cage if we let them dictate our art.

We must always remember why we first picked up our instruments, hummed a melody, penned a lyric. It wasn't to achieve a certain chart position or to fit into a specific genre mold, was it? No. It was because we had something within us, a story, a feeling, an idea, and music was the only way we could express it. This is music from the heart.

But, sometimes, in the allure of success, recognition, or financial security, we might be tempted to let our ego mind lead the way. To create what's 'safe' or 'commercial' or what we think others want to hear. It's understandable – we all have bills to pay, and a bit of validation never hurt anybody. But when this becomes the driving force of our creation, we risk losing the very essence of our music.

So, what's the key to navigating this? Mindfulness. We must be mindful of why we create, and who we're creating for. Is it for the top spot on a chart? Or is it for the young kid who needs to know they're not alone? Is it for the viral fame? Or is it for the communal celebration of joy and sorrow, triumphs and losses?

Let the heart lead, and let the ego be a silent partner. The ego mind may understand the rules of the game, but it's the heart that can play the music that transcends boundaries, heals wounds, and brings us together.

Remember, the music industry is a part of our world as artists, but it is not the entirety of it. We are not cogs in a machine, but creators of worlds, healers of hearts, and tellers of timeless tales. Our music, born from the heart, has the power to inspire, uplift and unite. Never let the business overshadow that magic.

Your innate nature is music, friend. Remember why we started to play in the first place. Have success, but have it be born of the heart.

Until next time, my friends, create from the heart, respect the craft, and let the music play itself.