Inspiration Seed: Queer Artists

Inspiration Seed: Queer Artists

Hello and welcome! This is the first instalment of our Inspiration Seed, where we want to highlight creators and artists from around the globe and share the projects that have captivated us!


Beesigned is a German artist who creates detailed black and white drawings. Her striking use of graphite creates lifelike images that capture the essence of her subjects. She regularly shares beautiful illustrations centred around queer representation and self-discovery during Pride Month, which she also makes available in her Spreadshop.

With my drawings I want to thank the women who have played a lesbian role, belong to the community themselves, and / or work for the rights of (queer) people. Thank you for touching my heart, shaping and inspiring me as a lesbian woman! For more visibility of women!

You can find out more about her, what she creates and how she works by following her on Instagram and Mastodon!



lashman is an artist with a wide creative range, moving comfortably between styles and mediums. His recent works include emotionally charged tracks like 'Raindrops', 'The Last Ship', and 'Silent Tears' with a focus on soundtrack music. On SoundCloud, you'll find lashman's musical explorations that span a diverse range of genres, including swing, chiptunes, and rock.

When he's not making music, lashman turns his attention to visual art, particularly pixel art that he shares with his followers on Mastodon.

lashman is also part of the RobotBrush Collective, a collaboration of creative professionals including VFX artists, motion graphics designers and composers.

Outside his artistic activities, lashman curates gaming news on Mastodon, where he keeps his followers up to date with developments in the gaming world.

You can support his work that he shares for free under a Creative Commons licence on Patreon and Ko-Fi.

We're wrapping up our first Inspiration Seed with a nod to the talented Beesigned and the multi-talented lashman. If you've got a moment, have a look at their platforms and if you like what you see, why not support them?

Stay tuned because we've got a whole world of creators to explore in our upcoming Inspiration Seeds. Until then, keep your eyes open, your heart wide, and let's continue this joyful journey through the world of art together!